HOF – Yes on Sutter, Screw Rose

Another year, another 365 days goes by that I’m not on the Hall of Fame ballot. Thought maybe this year, with this blog and all, there might finally be a little recognition for everything I’ve contributed to the game. But no. It’s all political and who you know.

Oh, well, guess we better focus on the guys who actually played baseball for a living. Obviously, there’s a lot of noise about this being Charlie Hustle’s last opportunity to enter Cooperstown, but nonetheless being left off the ballot. Rose has an interesting theory about the injustice of his eligibility running out.

"How can I be on a list that expires after 15 years if I’m suspended? It should be that time stops."

Hmmm. That’s a valid point, were this an episode of "Saved by the Bell" or "Out of this World," where time stoppage was a common solution to all of life’s problems. Unfortunately, Pete Rose is not Zack Morris. He’s a dude who wasted those 15 years lying about breaking the rules. Perhaps if he had just come clean earlier, he wouldn’t have wasted all his eligibility time trying deny the incredibly obvious. Especially if you’re gonna eventually admit it in a shameless attempt to sell a book, anyway. Why didn’t he just write the book in the mid-nineties, blatantly milk it for whatever bucks he can get, then leave himself enough time to drum up sympathy before the HOF eligibility expires? Seems like a no brainer to me. But again, Pete’s not the brightest cat in the world, so I wouldn’t expect him to handle even sleazy insincerity with a modicum of common sense. And that’s also why I don’t lose sleep over one of the greatest players in history being denied this honor. He’s too stupid to truly understand what a shame this is in the first place.

I would, however, like to throw my two cents into the ring for a guy, my Cardinals bias aside, that should be enshrined. Can we give a little respect to Bruce Sutter, please? The guy was a smokin’ reliever back in the days when relievers threw more than an inning and had beer afterwards. Every day. By design. When you throw 2-3 innings a night in an effort to maintain a lead, that’s truly saving a game. I’m not downplaying Eric Gagne’s achievements, because he’s a **** of a pitcher with an automatic intimidation factor that can’t all be hype. But it doesn’t impress me in the same way as guys like Sutter, Lee Smith, Eckersley, etc. Plus, the guy had a beard that made him look like a cross between a magical hippie wizard and a lost member of the ? Doobie Brothers… with an arm. How do you keep a guy like that out? Do the right thing, voters!

P.S. Willie McGee, too. That’s actually my Cards heart talking, but it still gets a vote.


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