Round 2

I’m a writer, and I like to think of myself as a decent writer. On my better days, maybe even a pretty darn good writer. But I’m failing to come up with the words that properly sum up, in terms of accuracy, emotion, and perhaps even pure spite, how happy I was to see the Yankees go down in game five. It’s so hysterically ironic (and appropriate) that a team spending 200 mil + managed to do worse than the year before in their quest to purchase greatness. Truth be told, they spent most of the season flailing about, occasionally getting on nice rolls, but never managing to accomplish anything remotely resembling dominance. I can only imagine how much they’ll spend in the off-season to right the ship, but it’ll be hilarious to watch. I’m gonna put this out there, not because I think it’ll actually happen, but because it would be too classic. Ten words. Bernie Retiring. Milton Bradley. Large contract. NY media. Oh… my!

            On to the final four. As a Cards fan, I’m with my boys 100%, and really do think they’re gonna come out on top. But I don’t love the prospect of them facing a team with Petite, Oswalt and The Rocket in the rotation. That’s nastier than R.Kelly having a night out with 3 underage hookers and a fleet of camcorders. But Carpenter’s gonna win the Cy. Morris and Mulder are nothing to sneeze at, either. Not having Reyes doesn’t help matters, but I do like Izzy (although Lidge is flat out sick, and if it gets to some late inning showdowns, our odds do decrease a bit, for sure). But St. Louis has been the best team in baseball all season for a reason. They’ve dealt with injuries, including Rolen, arguably their second best player, who’s been out basically forever. They’re balanced. They’re ego-free. And they’ve got a few guys like Eckstein and Sanders who’ve been there, done that, and that experience is crucial when you get down the stretch (although you wouldn’t know it from the way Boston crashed and burned). I would never count Houston out, but I’m not scared, either.

            In the AL, this should be a great series. I’m rooting Angels, partially because, as a 15-year Southern Cal resident, I feel it’s something of my duty to go local, partially because I really like the guys on that team and the way Moreno spends with purpose in mind, as opposed to name dropping (like, say, the team they beat to get here), and, well… because I predicted Cards over Angels in 6 in an earlier entry. Unless the Angels advance, I can’t be right. I really like being right. I’m a little concerned about this Bartolo Colon injury, but really only if Washburn’s still sidelined with what seems to be the worst illness since the bubonic plague. Last I heard, he had a temperature of 117 and was speaking in tongues. Well, assuming he can pitch 6 innings sometime in the near future without dry (or wet) heaving, as good as Colon is, I think the team can win a round without him, as evidenced by the scrap they showed coming together when he went down. But it’s never easy when your best arm can’t take the hill. And Ozzie Guillen does have a right to yap about the lack of respect they’ve been getting all season, especially down the stretch. Even though they didn’t play their best ball when it nearly counted the most, they still got the job done, and nobody gave them much credit afterwards. Of course, now everyone’s jumping on the Chicago bandwagon in a last second effort to give props, which almost guarantees they’ll choke. The media can never be right. Unless it’s me. Because I’m stubborn.

Just wondering. If Lou Pinella disagrees with a call while doing commentary during the ALCS game 1, is he gonna sprint down to the field and scream at the ump? That would be beyond awesome. If I ran Fox, it would be in his contract.

Oh, did I mention the Yankees lost? Just wanted to make sure.


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