2 Days Worth of Playoffs Musings

If I were a Red Sox fan, I’d be really worried. Not about this round against Chicago. They might as well resign themselves to the fact that they’re out, barring some kind of miracle, which I don’t think they can muster two years in a row. Granted, they’re a dangerous team to count out, I’m shocked they’re in this position in the first position, and they’re good for at least one win at Fenway. But it’s hard to buy winning out 3 straight. But that’s not even why Chowder heads should be freaking. What they should be worried about is the Graffanino error. Scarily reminiscent of Buckner, dontcha think? And while I know I’m not the first to make the comparison (frankly, if this comparison even slightly blew your mind, log off now, because you’re too stupid for me to appreciate your readership), I’m a very superstitious guy, and think of this choke as the baseball Gods looking down on Beantown and saying, “Psyche! Hope you enjoyed ’04, boys! Because you ain’t winning again until 2090! And here’s a little reminder of the pain you thought was long gone.” Brutal! But such is sports. At least y’all got the Pats… for now.

C’mon, Angels! Papa needs a new pair of shoes… to keep kicking the Yankees with! (I didn’t actually put any money on the series) But let’s pull this out, boys! It’s too early for my St.Louis-Anaheim series prediction to already be down the tubes.

Just wondering. Did they even bother securing venues for the “if necessary” games 4 and 5 between St. Louis and San Diego. If I ran Petco, I’d feel pretty secure scheduling a monster truck pull the day after game 3.  Some things are pretty much done deals. And speaking of St. Louis dominating in the postseason, Yo, Atlanta, wanna pick it up, fellas?  While I like our chances in a 7 game series against Houston more than five, I’d rather avoid them altogether. That top starting 3 is scary. And Clemens must be seriously motivated after not getting a CY with an ERA under 2. I’ll skip that one, thank you very much.

I’m happy for Giambi. I don’t condone anything he did in the past, and he deserved the heat he took. But he also took his lumps like a man, and owned up to it, even if in occasionally vague terms, more than any player whose name has popped up in the BALCO era. And the guy was left for dead coming into this season. The Yanks were talking about releasing him. Everyone thought he’d be in the minors. And he was coming off tumors, parasites, and a seriously wounded psyche. There are some who would say the health issues came as the results of steroids, but they honestly don’t know. Nobody knows. But even if these obstacles were the results of Giambi’s own doing, he still had to overcome them. And he did an incredible job of it. On top of it all, he’s a good guy, even if he’s a good guy who tried to cheat the game. That doesn’t make him a bad person, just a flawed one. He paid a price, and moved on with class. So I’m glad to see him win.


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